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A home’s exterior is made beautiful by the style and color it’s siding, brick, stone, and trim. A home’s interior is made comfortable well insulted walls and windows.  Durable siding, energy efficient windows, and an elegant exterior are all essential elements of a good home design. It’s when these details come together that the experience of owning a home goes from convenient to enjoyable for your family. At Scottish Home Improvements, we believe that owning a beautiful home should be a dream that every family can achieve. That’s why for the past twenty years, we’ve been providing high quality, low cost home improvement solutions to homeowners all across the state of Colorado.

Our Mission: To Be the Most Trusted Windows & Siding Contractor in Denver

Whether this is the first time your home’s siding is being replaced or you are working on a historic home, our company has the experience and materials to make your project a success. With an A+ Ranking from the BBB and 12 Consecutive Gold Stars (representing no consumer complains) we are the most trusted siding contact in Denver. Whether you are looking for fiber cement siding, vinyl siding, steel siding, stucco, or even wood, our qualified experts will walk you through every step. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation.



Featuring James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding

as well as Vinyl, Steel, Cedar, Stucco, & Stone Siding

Scottish Home Improvements is proud to feature James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding as our primary siding product. This beautiful, durable, and environmentally responsible product ensures your home’s exterior will look beautiful and be effectively protected from the Colorado’s extreme temperatures, snow, rain, rot, woodpeckers, and pests.

We also have decades of experience install Vinyl Siding, Steel Siding, Wood and Cedar Siding, as well as Stucco Panels. Whatever siding you’re looking to replace, contact us today to see if we might be a good fit for your project!



We Are the Nation’s Highest-Rated James Hardie Preferred Elite Siding Installer*

Scottish Home Improvements is the premier James Hardie® Preferred Remodeler in Colorado (based upon independent surveys). When these high quality siding products are paired with Scottish Home Improvements and the 20 years of trust we have built across Colorado, you are working with a team you can trust. Our project managers separate us from most other siding companies by allowing us to quickly address any concerns you may have and ensuring that our siding projects stay on time and on budget.


Benefits of Replacing the Siding on Your Colorado Home

Many of Colorado’s homes are clad with traditional wood siding. This might be the standard horizontal plank style or the rustic cedar shake style. But today, there are many other siding choices available to homeowners who are concerned with energy efficiency or durability such as fiber cement, stone, steel, and many other options. Although wood siding can last a good thirty years if well maintained, the fact is that this natural material does require a lot of maintenance over the years. It also requires the chopping down of forests, which is a concern for many Coloradoans. Other types of siding can offer benefits that wood cannot.

In Colorado, where homes are frequently exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain, sleet, strong winds, snow, and high altitude sunlight, siding issues and damage are very common. This is especially true for homes that have been around for some time and have faced years worth of exposure to the elements. Replacing worn, aged, or poorly insulated siding can significantly improve your home’s comfort, safety, and energy efficiency and allow your family to experience many enjoyable benefits such as:

  • Durability
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Maintenance
  • Flammability
  • Susceptibility to rotting, drying out, splitting, or fading
  • Sustainability

Modern Siding Choices

Residing your home is a huge investment. So when it comes to selecting your new siding, you deserve to have an abundance of options to choose from. Our extensive network of vendors and siding manufacturers allows our clients to gain access to a diverse array of modern siding choices. We partner with industry leading brands to provide you with the best vinyl, wood/cedar, stucco, and fiber cement siding existing on today’s market.

Vinyl siding: Clean, modern, and versatile, vinyl siding is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and economical options for siding replacement. Vinyl siding comes in a diverse array of colors and styles and has a grooved texture that resembles natural wood. Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for rental homes or properties priced under $250,000.

Wood/cedar siding: Rich in color and texture, wood siding is a very popular choice for vintage Victorian homes, cabins, and modern farmhouse style homes. When properly maintained, cedar siding can last up to 60 years and is a very durable and aesthetically pleasing option for higher end homes.

Fiber cement siding: Fiber cement siding is fire, rot, and pest resistant and is one of the most durable options, making it a smart investment for homes of all types. We partner with James Hardie to provide the best quality fiber cement available to our clients. Fiber cement residing projects typically involve homes priced above $250,000.

Other siding options: In addition to the options described above, Scottish Home Improvements also carries many other modern siding options including stucco siding, steel siding, and stone siding. To learn more about these options, please contact our office.


Why We Choose James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we take pride in our work. We believe that our commitment to our customers goes far beyond the service we provide. It’s also about the quality of the products we use too. That’s why we choose to use James Hardie fiber cement for the majority of our siding installs. James Hardie has a longstanding reputation of being one of the best siding manufacturers in the country. They’ve invested a vast amount of time and research into the development of their siding and ColorPlus technology to ensure their products perform well and last. In addition, all James Hardie siding comes with a limited 30 year warranty.

As the leading siding contractor in Denver, we have the choice of dozens of siding products that we can offer our clients. But James Hardie fiber cement siding is by far the best option that we’ve come across due to its performance, durability, and beauty. We choose to present James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding for most of our Denver metro and mountain clients because of it’s many attributes including:

  • It has a great return on investment
  • ColorPlus Technology offers a 15 year fading warranty
  • Beautiful, modern color & texture choices
  • Fire, rot, moisture & pest resistance
  • HardieZone technology ensures siding is weather resistant

Denver Siding Contractor Testimonials

Scottish Home Improvements is proud to have many satisfied and returning clients in Denver as well as many other cities in Colorado. Over the past 15 years of being in business, we’ve received a generous amount of recognition and praise from our clients for which we are both grateful and honored. We always place our customers first and we believe this shows through in our work. That’s why so many people feel comfortable referring us and providing us with their testimonials. If you’re interested in learning more about our past projects or would like to hear some of our home improvement success stories, please visit our testimonials page for details. Find out why we’ve earned the reputation of being the top siding contractor in Denver!


Siding Design Process

At Scottish Home Improvements, we understand that every home and every family is different. When it comes to siding, there is no one size fits all approach. By customizing our clients’ siding through our unique design process, we are able to find a solution that caters to their particular needs, concerns, and preferences. Many of our competitors will ask their clients to make their decisions based off of looking at panels or samples, but the problem with this is that it’s hard to imagine what your home will really look like based on these examples alone.

That’s why we work hard to make sure you will know exactly what your home will look like before you make your investment. We have exterior design consultants that work directly with our project managers on all of our siding replacement projects. In addition, we use a digital aided process that allows us to produce lifelike renderings of what your home will look like once the new siding is installed. These renderings are shared with you in our showroom and can be edited live during your consultation. By adjusting certain details, we can make sure you get a look you love. Sometimes adding a shingle accent to your roof or placing a decorative band above your front porch can make all the difference in the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.


Denver’s Multi-Family Siding Experts

Not only is Scottish Home Improvements the largest siding contractor in Colorado, we’re also the most experienced when it comes to multi family homes. We’ve installed new siding on multiple apartment buildings, townhomes, and condos all across the state and are the highest rated James Hardie contractor in the nation. When it comes to multi siding projects, there is no job too big or small for us to handle. We’re confident that we can find the right type of siding based off the unique needs of your community that will also beautifully complement the architectural features of your buildings.


Apartment & Condo Community Residing

Residing your siding can be one of the best investments you make in your community. Not only can new siding improve the aesthetic appeal of your community, but it can also save money and provide safety and comfort to your residents. Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we carry many different types of siding that are perfect for multi family homes and are weather, rot, moisture, and fire resistant. When you partner with us, you’ll be able to choose from many beautiful and durable siding options such as vinyl, wood, fiber cement, and stucco, as well as James Hardie’s full product line. These aspects and more are what makes Scottish Home Improvements Denver’s trusted source for multi family home siding remodels.

  • Overall, they did a great job! I would like to recognize Rigo for his exceptional service.
    Steve Kramer – October 7, 2021
  • Everyone from the sales person to the installation crew did an excellent job. I was very pleased with the way the entire project went.
    Jacob Ware – September 28, 2021
  • I can’t believe how much better our cabin looks - it’s absolutely gorgeous!!
    Nicole Shaklee – September 24, 2021
  • I was really impressed with how they coordinated with my window people. We have done a lot of renovations at our house over the last three years. The siding was one of the better experiences we had. They were on time and told me when they would be here. They were just awesome. We will be using your company again. I was most satisfied with the work, the overall timing, and the communication.
    Dawn Watter – August 7, 2021
  • The attention to detail and quality of the workmanship was excellent. The crew was professional and the project manager went above and beyond my expectations.
    Steve Sparer – August 5, 2021

Your Siding Consultant is Also Your Project Manager

We try to make the siding replacement process as easy and simple as possible for our clients. That’s why our siding contractor Denver consultants also act as our project managers. This means that during the entire duration of your project, your siding consultant will be your personal point of contact for all your needs and concerns. It also means you gain the trust and comfort of knowing that all promises made to you during the sales and consultation stages of your project will kept and won’t get lost in translation. While other general contractors may avoid talking about potential complications or issues during the initial consultation, our project managers will identify these issues directly because they know that they’ll have to be addressed later on during the installation phase. As a Scottish Home Improvements customer, our honesty and transparency is our guarantee to you.


Where We Work

Although our main office is based in Centennial, we conduct a good majority of our work in the Denver metro area. The reason for this is mainly due to the large population of aging and historic homes in Denver as well as the need for energy efficiency. Denver’s high altitude causes fading in siding products that aren’t designed to be uv resistant and can also lead to issues of warping and cracking. In addition to this, the nearby mountain range creates unique weather patterns that cause Denver homes to be subjected to severe storms, snow, and long periods of intense heat. By installing replacement windows, Denver residents can enjoy better comfort and safety in their home as well as lower utility costs during the summer and winter.

In addition to serving the Denver metro area, Scottish Home Improvements is also happy to extend our services to Boulder, Colorado Springs, Ft Collins, and the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado. Many of these cities have a similar environment to Denver and therefore are faced with many of the same challenges and issues. By installing replacement windows and new siding, Colorado homeowners can extend the lifetime of their home and enjoy many agreeable benefits like rot, fire, and fade resistance, energy efficiency, severe weather protection, and more. Our technicians are experts at selecting the right type of siding and windows and will work with you to find a solution that best fits the climate and environment of where you live.


Denver’s Trusted Siding Experts

Scottish Home Improvements has been the trusted window and siding contractor in Denver for almost 15 years. We understand the rapid weather changes and harsh environmental factors that dictate the requirements for your Denver home’s siding and window needs. With more than 15,000 satisfied customers in the Denver metro area, we welcome you to discover the Scottish difference. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the outdated wood siding on your ranch-style home in Hampden South to vinyl or enhance your Highlands new construction’s durability and energy efficiency with fiber cement siding, we can help you find the perfect siding option for you and your family. We are proud to be the leading siding contractor Denver.


The Preferred Siding and Window Contractor of Fort Collins

We’re proud to be the preferred siding and window contractor of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley. The harsh climate extremes of these mountain towns make choosing the right siding and window replacements even more pertinent to protecting your home and increasing equity. Our team of local experts have completed hundreds of siding and window replacement projects in these cities, and can help you every step of the way with one the largest, most expensive home renovation projects. Whether you’re looking to replace the outdated windows with self cleaning replacements in your two-story home in English Ranch, Fort Collins or upgrade your siding for additional energy efficiency in your bungalow in City Center, Loveland, Scottish Home Improvements can help your family choose the best options.


A Message From Our Owner

“Home improvements such as new siding and replacement windows often require a considerable investment both financially and mentally. Trusting someone with your family’s home can be stressful especially if you’ve had a negative experience with a general contractor in the past. That’s why at Scottish Home Improvements, we take extra steps to make sure that all of our clients feel comfortable and confident in their investment. By using high quality products and paying extra attention to the customer service aspects of our work, we have gained the trust of hundreds of homeowners across the state of Colorado. In fact, when surveyed, over 500 people stated they would recommend our services to a friend. Due to our steadfast commitment to our customers and our considerable expertise, we’ve been awarded the Gold Star from the BBB for over 10 consecutive years. We hope that you too will allow us the opportunity to earn your trust and become one of our valued lifelong customers. Let us show you what the Scottish Difference can mean for your home improvement project!”

-Martin Faith, Owner and Founder


About Our Company

Scottish Home Improvements is the premier home improvement siding contractor in the Denver region of Colorado. Our company was founded by Martin Faith, an experienced glassmaker from Glasgow, Scotland. Martin moved to Colorado in 1991 with his wife and after a few years of successfully owning and operating a business specializing in the manufacturing of stained glass windows, he decided to expand his company to include siding and window replacement services and Scottish Home Improvements was born.

Now our company has been in business for over fifteen years and has successfully completed projects all across the state of Colorado. We work on both single family homes and multi dwelling units which includes apartment buildings, townhouses, and condos and are able to handle projects of any size, big or small. We are proud to have built an extensive network of returning clients who feel comfortable coming to us for all of their home improvement needs due to the excellent results and customer service we are able to provide. Homeowners in the Denver area know that when it comes to window and siding replacement, Scottish is the most trusted name in the business.

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