Scottish Stained Glass

Our sister company, Scottish Stained Glass has created over 30,000 works of stunningly beautiful glass art for more than 10,000 clients nationwide. Our extensive client list includes many well-known Denver, Colorado personalities and local celebrities such as Dave Logan, Mike Rosen, Tom Martino and the Archbishop of Denver. Scottish Stained Glass is now the largest and most successful studio of it’s kind in the United States. We combine the time honored tradition of hand crafting stained glass with modern computer design technology and up-to-code installation methods, specifically created for American homes.

Denver Colorado Stained Glass

Denver’s Stained Glass Experts

Martin Faith, the company owner and founder, is from Scotland. There he was trained and became a gifted stained glass artist. With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial leaded glass applications, Martin uses his expertise to run the Denver, Colorado based studio. Scottish Stained Glass uses a unique process to custom design and locally manufactured windows of all shapes and sizes.  Our Denver stained glass can meet any needs you have in your home.


Stained glass is an art that has been seen throughout history, dating back as far as the first century AD. Originally produced for churches, the history of Scottish stained glass is tied to the great cathedrals of Glasgow and Edinburgh. As stained glass became more popular and recognized, more artisans learned how to produce it. For this reason, stained glass was able to be introduced to the homes of the merchant class. This bit of history inspired Scottish Stained Glass of Denver to bring leaded glass to homes, businesses and religious organizations through the United States & Canada.

Where To Add Stained Glass to Your Denver Home

Leaded glass has many benefits, and its versatility allows it to be both a decorative and functional application for any window in your home. Because all of our pieces are custom designed, we can install and make stained glass for windows or any shape or size. Let us know your goals and visions, and our designers will work with you to create the perfect piece of stained glass for your Denver home.


Sidelights are the perfect place for stained glass because it creates privacy by preventing people from peeking in, and it makes a great first impression when people enter your home.  These sidelights allow sunlight to stream into your entryway, lighting your home beautifully during the day, and they are one of our most popular choices for stained glass in Denver.


With the right stained glass design for your bathroom windows, you can get the necessary privacy you need without losing natural light because it eliminates the need for curtains or blinds.  Adding curtains or blinds in your bathroom is often not even practical since many windows are above the bathtub or in the shower.  Our windows give you the privacy you need in a much more practical form.


Stained glass windows can be designed to match your existing décor, allowing you to incorporate a variety of colors, textures, and design elements making it a unique piece of art to wake up to that also functions by blocking views into the space.  Your bedroom is a place of comfort and relaxation, and our leaded and textured windows will give you the privacy and peace of mind to truly relax.


Kitchen cabinets are a popular place to incorporate stained glass in Denver. Whether you want to display your favorite dishware or hide a pantry filled with spices, we can creatively accomplish these goals while simultaneously tying in the colors and design elements throughout your kitchen.  If your home is very close to your neighbors, you may not want them peeking into a room where you spend much of your time; adding a stained glass piece to your kitchen window would create a connectedness with your cabinets, and keep the room private.


Though not a traditional application, we have found that using stained glass in Denver for basement windows is the perfect solution for hiding unsightly window wells while maintaining the natural light you receive from them.  Normally, basement windows have only a view of a cement well, something rather unpleasant to look at.  Adding stained glass to these windows, however, gives you a beautiful work of art to admire instead, and still lets natural light into the room, which is a very important resource for basement areas.

Please visit our website to see examples of our custom made and hand built stained glass entryways, bathroom windows, family crests, and much much more! Click here to browse our online galleries.