An Aurora Contractor You Can Trust

Aurora, Colorado is best known for its sprawling public parks, close proximity to Denver International Airport, diverse ethnic cuisine, and a plethora of shopping centers. Aurora is also one of the more affordable Denver suburbs, a factor that continues to draw new homeowners to the area. At Scottish Home Improvements, we are proud to extend our services to families moving to the Aurora area as well as Aurora’s many long-established residents and business owners. Our services include commercial and residential siding and window replacement. We work in all areas of Aurora, including the Lowry, Cherry Creek, Glendale, and Green Valley Ranch neighborhoods.


Siding Aurora

If you are interested in installing new siding for your Aurora home or business, Scottish Home Improvements can provide you with the service you need. Our business is a Denver-based company and therefore we are very familiar with the architectural needs of those living in Aurora and the Eastern Plains region of Colorado. Whether you’re looking to update the appearance of your older home or historic property, have recently suffered hail damage to your siding, or are in the middle of new home construction, we can provide you with the service you need. We carry a wide range of high-quality vinyl, wood, steel, and fiber cement siding that can make your home look beautiful.


James Hardie® Siding Aurora

Scottish Home Improvements is proud to be the premier James Hardie contractor serving the Aurora area. We recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding for homeowners in Aurora due to its durability and energy efficiency. In Aurora, it’s very common for homes to suffer damage due to weather conditions imposed by winter storms, rain, and hail as well as high altitude UV rays. With James Hardie fiber cement siding for your Aurora home or business, you never have to worry about these issues. James Hardie fiber cement siding is UV, moisture, and pest-resistant– perfect for Aurora homes and businesses of all types.

Alside vinyl aurora

Vinyl Siding for Aurora Homes

Vinyl siding offers Aurora homeowners the most cost-effective siding option. This popular siding choice has remained a favorite for Aurora homes. With an attractive price point, vinyl siding offers moderate durability as well as endless design options. Vinyl siding is available in virtually any color and comes in vertical and horizontal options. Vinyl siding also offers low maintenance requirements– since the paint goes through the panel, homeowners won’t need to repaint or stain in the future. Some vinyl siding manufacturers also offer a wood-like appearance, optimizing curb appeal for those on a strict budget.





aurora residential steel siding

Steel Siding for Aurora Properties

Advancements in steel siding from Alside have created a premium residential siding product alongside commercial applications. Alside offers beautiful wood-like steel siding combined with the high-performing endurance steel siding has to offer. Aurora homes and businesses looking for high-impact resistance and low-maintenance siding should consider steel siding as a viable option. Steel siding also offers resistance against fires, termites, and moisture alongside fade-resistant colors for long-lasting curb appeal.

satinwood-select-coil steel


AuroraAlside steel-siding-warranty

aurora residential wood siding

Wood and Cedar Siding for Aurora Residential and Commercial Properties

Scottish Home Improvements is proud to source all our wood and cedar siding products locally from family-owned businesses Rocky Mountain Forest Products and Specialty Wood Products. We carry every species of wood ensuring you’ll find the right aesthetic for your Aurora home or business. Wood siding delivers a beautiful, timeless look that’s always been popular in Aurora. Although wood siding requires high maintenance, the authentic wood look is unparalleled, attracting potential buyers. Cedar siding is popular due to its natural insect and moisture repellent properties, but still requires a lot of maintenance as well.




stone siding aurora home

Stone Siding and Stonework for Aurora Homes and Businesses

Stone siding is an elegant addition to any home here in Aurora.  The natural look complements nearly any existing siding material and is great to use as an accent.  The smooth lines and depth that come with stone are great for grounding the aesthetic of your Aurora home too. At Scottish, we provide extensive stonework and stone siding options.  We work with local manufacturer Sunset Stone to offer lovely hand-picked stone selections.  This allows us to give any home in the Aurora area a stunning stone facade with optimal curb appeal.  Our in-house designers are happy to help you design the perfect siding aesthetic for your Aurora property.  




LP Smartside Aurora

Engineered Wood Siding Aurora

Engineered wood siding offers Aurora properties a durable siding option that’s great for homes and businesses. Engineered wood siding presents a cost-effective solution with higher durability than authentic wood siding. Achieve gorgeous curb appeal while keeping your home safe from the elements. We’re proud to partner with the leading engineered wood siding manufacturers to provide the highest quality products.

siding repair aurora

Siding Repair for Aurora Residential and Commercial Buildings

Scottish Home Improvements is proud to be the trusted siding repair contractor in the Aurora area. We offer both residential and commercial siding repair services. Our large siding inventory guarantees we can match your original siding in cases of replacement. With years of siding repair experience in the Aurora area, we understand how to repair siding of any material and age.


Commercial Siding Aurora

If you manage a business, apartment building, or commercial property in the Aurora area and interested in new siding, we urge you to contact our office. Our company is the largest siding contractor in the state of Colorado and can handle commercial projects of all types and sizes. In addition to durable fiber cement siding, we also carry a variety of siding options that are perfect for commercial use in Aurora, including vinyl, wood, aluminum, steel, and stucco siding. Call our office today to receive an estimate on your project.

A Diamond Kote Aurora

The Power Of Diamond Kote For Your Aurora Home

When looking for the strongest protection for your Aurora home, the siding of choice is Diamond Kote siding. It is one of the most powerful options available on the market today and will keep your Aurora home looking impeccable for years to come. For houses from Delmar Parkway, all the way over to Lowry, there simply is no better siding solution for solid protection against the sometimes extreme Aurora elements. Engineered to last, this gorgeous finish is built-on an engineered wood product. This means you get various layers of protection against elements like extreme heat, constant freezes+thaws and intense UV exposure–all things Aurora homes will need to weather throughout the years. Plus, choose from 30 colors for you Aurora home and custom color options as well. With Diamond Kote, the possibilities are endless while giving protection like no other siding!

The Benefits Of Diamond Kote For Your Aurora Home

  • A durable finish that won’t peel, crack or fade
  • Incredibly low maintenance but will resist buildup of dirt and dust
  • Impact-resistant against hail and wind-borne debris
  • An impressive 30-year no-fade warranty
  • Environmentally friendly– all agents and resins are low-emitting

Siding Choices For Aurora Historical Homes

Your home’s siding serves a variety of purposes from protection to insulation and can drastically affect the resale value of your home when it comes time to sell.   Another area that homes that siding significantly influences is its architectural style. So, for homes in historic Aurora neighborhoods, finding the right style of siding can be challenging.  While on the one hand, you want to preserve the vintage look of your home, you also want a home with a clean, modern look and performance–we do live in Colorado after all, and can face extreme weather.  If you have been looking for siding for a historical home but are unsure what might be right for you, we have some good news for you–today’s modern siding choices offer more excellent aesthetics and function than ever before.  Even better, any one of them will work wonders for homes in Aurora historic neighborhoods from Conservatory to Delmar Parkway

Fiber Cement Siding


This type of siding is fantastic not only because it protects against rot, pests, and weather but also because of its stunning appearance for homes old and new. The colors offered in the James Hardie catalog are second to none and known as industry trendsetters.   This means you will find a traditional color to perfectly match your Aurora historical home.  Beyond that, James Hardie Fiber Cement perfectly mimics the look of painted wood clapboards, shingles, even stone or brick. James Hardie is a premium product with a price point to match and is great for Aurora historical homes in neighborhoods like Highland Park.

Engineered Wood Siding

highlands ranch lp smartside siding

Older houses have different needs than new ones and choosing engineered wood siding to help maintain and keep them up is a start. Engineered wood siding should be a strong siding consideration for historical homes that need protection against the elements as well as protection of the historical aesthetic integrity. Engineered wood siding has many of the benefits of fiber cement but with a more economical price point–making it the perfect choice for historical renovations in Aurora neighborhoods like Utah Park.

Wood & Cedar Siding

aurora residential wood siding

Many historical homes were made with wood siding, to begin with, so, continuing to use wood siding just makes sense and should strong choice for Aurora homeowners who want to stay close to their home’s historical roots.  Wood siding is definitely beautiful and notably durable if maintained regularly and properly. If you are looking to add a little modern edge to your Aurora home while using wood or cedar, consider combining it with another siding element like brick or metal for a whole new look. Wood siding and combinations of wood siding work well anywhere but would definitely shine somewhere like Aurora’s Sunnyvale neighborhood.