James Hardie for Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood gets the best of both worlds; it’s close to both the city and the mountains. Residents here need a siding option that harmonizes with the elegance of the city yet holds up under rugged outdoor conditions. James Hardie provides Lakewood homeowners with beautiful exterior protection that lasts year after year. It’s the perfect option for single family homes, townhouses, duplexes, condos, and apartment buildings alike.

Scottish Home Improvements is proud to have built a reputation as Lakewood’s top James Hardie Siding contractor. We’ve worked with James Hardie building products for over fifteen years and are experts in using their siding to design beautiful home exteriors. Whether you’re renovating a rental property or are building your forever home in the Lakewood area, we’re behind you every step of the way.


James Hardie Siding – Built for Lakewood’s Climate

In order for siding to last in Lakewood’s unique climate and weather conditions, it needs to be durable, fire-resistant, and waterproof. Otherwise, after a few years of hail, snow, and strong summer sun, it will degrade quickly and leave sensitive building materials exposed to the elements. Scottish Home Improvements works directly with James Hardie to obtain siding and home exterior materials that are built for Lakewood’s climate. We only install durable James Hardie options like HZ5 which are engineered for Colorado’s climate.


Elevate Your Home’s Exterior with Sophisticated Styles & Colors

Exterior renovations go a long way. A polished exterior can make the difference getting your asking price when you move, making a good impression among neighbors and guests, and your overall satisfaction with where your family lives. James Hardie’s bountiful styles, accent materials, and intriguing color palettes make it easy to improve your home’s outward appearance. Create a warm, cozy look with HardiePlank in Countrylane Red, go bold with HardiePanel in Arctic White, or stay timeless with HardieShingle in Boothbay Blue — with James Hardie, the choice is yours and the options are endless.

lakewood colorado james hardie home

Low Maintenance & Environmentally Friendly

When you choose James Hardie for your Lakewood home, you’re making a responsible decision to invest in a building material that’s low maintenance and non-damaging to the environment. James Hardie is made with sustainable, responsibly sourced materials and is produced using low-impact methods. That way, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your best to minimize your carbon footprint and protect Colorado’s beautiful natural spaces.

What’s more, James Hardie is a low maintenance option that will last for years. Unlike other materials, fiber cement siding is easy to clean and does not require refinishing, frequent repainting or caulking, or weather-conditioning. This gives you the ability to spend less time fixing your home and more time enjoying it’s wonderful beauty.


Install James Hardie for your Lakewood Home!

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