Have you given much thought to your home’s front door? Many people decorate every room on the inside of their homes down to the most minute detail, but don’t do anything with the front door, except perhaps paint it a different color. But your home’s entryway is the first impression visitors will get of your home, your taste, and what might await them on the inside.

Why not have an entryway that is as stylish and classy as the rest of your home, office, restaurant, shop, or other building? When it comes to entryway doors, Denver homeowners usually prefer wood and Denver business owners frequently prefer glass.

A stunning effect for a door is to add custom stained glass inserts, which we can have made for you by our sister company, Scottish Stained Glass.

Another option for entryway doors Denver customers are really liking are fiberglass doors. These doors are less expensive than wood, yet can look just like wood with lovely detailing. And unlike wood, they will not warp, dry out and crack, or rot if exposed to excessive moisture.


Entryway doors, Denver homeowners know, can make a big difference to the look of their homes. They can also add security, as with a steel door. Or add energy efficiency, as with a fiberglass door. Or they can add incredible character, as you might see in a carved or molded wooden door. One drawback of wood: If your door gets a lot of direct sun, it can fade fairly quickly, requiring ongoing maintenance to keep it looking terrific.

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You might want a new door because yours has been broken into, or just broken. You might want a new door to add a more attractive style and a focal point to your entryway. You might want a new door because your home has settled over the years, and the original door doesn’t close easily or well and lets in a lot of draftsl.

When it comes to entryway doors, Denver residents have a lot of choices. To help them choose, they frequently turn to the home style experts at Scottish Home Improvements. We have fifteen years’ experience with home siding, basement remodels, decks, replacement windows, and of course, replacement entryway doors.

For more information about entryway doors, Denver or up and down the Front Range, we hope that you will give us a call today. Or feel free to contact us for a quote via our convenient online form.