Fiber cement siding is becoming more popular for Denver homeowners, and it’s something that your home could benefit from drastically.  Fiber cement siding is a composite material made from a combination of cement, wood fibers, sand, and water to create an extremely durable material, capable of protecting your home better than any other siding material on the market today.  One of the other fantastic benefits is that James Hardie has made fiber cement siding Denver beautiful as well.

Fiber Cement Siding for Your Denver Home

The benefits of replacing your siding with fiber cement are far reaching, and while you may be thinking this type of strength will cost you fortune, it’s actually a mid-priced option for siding replacement.  Options like Cedar may look beautiful, but they require a very high level of maintenance, and an even higher initial investment cost.

Fiber cement with James Hardie, on the other hand, requires little to no maintenance for life.  It won’t be damaged by lengthy exposure to moisture, freezing, or extreme heat.  You won’t even have to worry about refinishing since the colors you choose will be baked on to prevent chipping and fading over the many years you’ll have to enjoy your new siding.

Speaking of colors, you’ve got a wide selection to choose from.  With beautiful options for your plank siding, trim, soffit, fascia, shingles, or board and batten, you’ll be able to really choose a look you’ll love driving up to each day.  James Hardie manufactures their sturdy siding in every style you would want for your home to complete your look as well.

One reason that Denver homeowners choose fiber cement siding is because it can actually stand up to even the harshest conditions such as fire, unlike any other material you can side your home with today.  In Colorado, it seems like every year we have more tragic wildfires destroying homes, and while we hope you never have to face anything like that, fiber cement gives you peace of mind knowing that your home will still be standing if you do.

Fiber Cement Siding with Scottish Home Improvements

At Scottish Home Improvements, our team holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as a gold star for excellent customer service each year that we have been in business.  Our installers are all James Hardie certified, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get the true benefit of your fiber cement siding Denver.

If you would like to learn more about installing fiber cement on your home, give us a call or send an email today.  Our experts will set you up with an appointment for estimate, and get you started towards a strong, beautiful home!