There is something about cedar siding, Denver homeowners seem to agree. It is classic and traditional, never goes out of style, and gives a home that rustic look that just seems to go with the Rocky Mountain state.

For a more modern customized look, homeowners can have only part of their home done with cedar siding, for instance the top floor, and have the rest done with matching wood siding. Cedar siding is durable and long lasting. However, it might not be the best choice for any of Colorado’s mountain regions which seem to come under the threat of wild fires each summer, because it is highly flammable. Cedar siding, also known as cedar shingles or cedar shake, is also one of the siding choices that will need the most maintenance over time.

So what do you choose if you love the look of cedar siding, Denver, but want something that requires less maintenance? Or if you do have a mountain home and you want as much fire protection as any siding can possibly give? In these cases, we would probably recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding, particularly their HardieShingle style. This siding is non-flammable. It will not burn or add fuel to a fire. It’s incredibly durable and low maintenance once installed. And it comes in all sorts of styles and finishes that look just like wood, or cedar shingles. Even the termites might be fooled . . . until they try to eat it and find out that they cannot!


So when it comes to cedar siding, Denver and other Colorado homeowners have a choice to make. Real cedar, or the fiber cement alternative? By the way, the James Hardie HardieShingle comes in gorgeous colors that will hold their color for a long time without any need of repainting.

Now, we aren’t trying to talk you into one or the other here. Both have their fans, both have their place. It’s all about which choice is right for your home.

Cedar siding, Denver homes: a traditional combination that many homeowners in the state still love! If you are one of them and you are looking to reside your home, you might want to speak to an expert.

For more information about the pros and cons of cedar siding, Denver or anywhere across the beautiful State of Colorado, please contact us today. We’re always happy to answer questions or offer a quote for a siding job, large or small. We’ve installed hundreds of homes with cedar siding in the past fifteen years. So why not come talk to the experts at Scottish Home Improvements? We’d love to earn your business.