James Hardie Siding For Hail Protection On Your Loveland Home

It is still winter and the snow is falling here in Loveland and all around Colorado for that matter. And while snow presents some challenges to home siding here, there is something right around the corner that presents even more of a challenge for siding in Loveland–spring hail. That’s right, spring is on its way and with it comes the monumental hail that Colorado is known for. So when shopping for new siding here in Loveland and anywhere in Colorado for that matter–James Hardie Siding should be a strong consideration. Here is why.

James Hardie Stands Up To Hail Damage?

In Loveland hail strikes at nearly anytime in the springtime. Which is why a product like James Hardie, a rigorously tested one, is needed to withstand worst-case scenarios like golf ball sized hail. Other brands of siding like vinyl (which cracks), steel (which divots) or wood (which dents), just don’t perform like James Hardie Fiber Cement does. Year of extensive research and endless engineering to withstand a number of elements is what James Hardie brings to the table for Loveland homes and others across the state.

When you buy James Hardie Fiber Cement siding you also get protection against:

  • Blizzards, Snow And Sleet
  • High Winds And Flying Debris
  • Intense UV Exposure
  • Fire
  • Pests like birds and insects

Furthermore, James Hardie zone 5 products are specifically created to stand up to the demands of a climate like Loveland and stay looking beautiful too. While a bit more expensive than other siding products, in the beginning, James Hardie HZ5 siding will save you time and money in repairs and replacement in the long run!

To find out more about protecting your Loveland home with Premium James Hardie Fiber Cement siding, contact us at Scottish Home Improvements today!