Specialty Wood Products – Pine Wood Siding

Specialty Wood Products offers Pine trim, beetle kill trim and pine wood for builders and contractors in Denver Colorado, the surrounding communities and the nation.

PINE: SWP generally carries an Engelmann Spruce Lodgepole Pine (ESLP) which has a consistent knot structure and a very consistent color.  ESLP contains relatively small, uniformly distributed knots which add to the appeal of the medium to fine texture and straight grain of the wood.

Beetle Kill Pine: The mountain pine beetle has killed a large number of ESLP trees in the mountains of Colorado.  While doing so, the beetles carry a fungus with them as they burrow in the bark of the tree to reproduce.  This fungus spreads and stains the sapwood a striking blue-gray color, ultimately cutting of the pine tree’s life-sustaining nutrients and eventually killing the tree.  This fungus is not harmful to humans in any way.  Our Colorado Beetle Pine is available in a circle sawn texture and the amount of “blue stain” varies.  Most of our inventory is not “blue stain”, but we can source it if you are looking for it.  1x & 2x Trim is available.  Please call for siding options.