Vinyl Window Styles

Replacement Window Options

Vinyl Window Styles

Your vinyl replacement windows can really affect the entire look of your home. At Scottish Home
Improvements, we offer a wide array of vinyl window styles that allow you to create the perfect set of
windows for your home. We’ve put together this list of style options to help you better understand the
choices you have when you choose to install new windows in your home.

Vinyl Window Color Options

When choosing your vinyl window style, it’s important that you have color options to match the look of
your home, both inside and out. We offer vast color options to choose from, depending on which type
of vinyl window you choose. Most windows offer multiple color choices for the interior, to blend with
your décor, as well as exterior colors, allowing you to complement the color scheme of your home.

Custom Vinyl Windows

At Scottish Home Improvements, we understand that every home is unique. If your home has oddly
shaped windows, or if you’d like to get a new window of unique size and shape added, we offer custom
choices. We’ll work with you to get the right window to fit your half-moon, trapezoid, or even octagon
shaped window. To learn more about our custom options, take a look at our custom replacement
windows. (

Picture Vinyl Window Styles

If your home has one of our great Colorado views, you might be considering a picture window, or
multiple. We offer the great protection and functionality of vinyl windows in an option that won’t
obscure the great view you love from your home. Picture windows are a great option to make an area
of your home unique.

Window Grids

Window grids are a charming vinyl window style. You can customize this classic look by deciding how
many grids you want in your window, and you can choose a color that matches the color you choose
for the window frame, creating a cohesive look. This classic style looks great as an accent on some
windows, or as a style throughout your home.

Bay and Bow Vinyl Windows

These beautiful windows are common in older homes, and they add character and space to any room.
We offer the same great color options and benefits of vinyl windows for bay and bow windows. We can
also help you add this style of window to your home if you’re looking for a beautiful change.

Vinyl Window Styles With Scottish Home Improvements

Our team is ready to help you choose the right vinyl window styles for your home. Feel free to give
us a call or send an email if you have any questions about our styles, or to set up a time for one of our
experts to come out and give you an estimate!