Replacement Window Options Denver

Replacement window options Denver

Replacement Window Options for Denver Homes

Low E Glass

“Low E” stands for Low Emissivity.  This means that these windows will absorb less UV rays, and actually reflect them.  Low E glass is created by adding a thin film to regular glass.  This film acts as an insulator for your home which means that it can keep the heat inside in the winter, and keep the cool air inside during the summer. This can save you thousands in energy costs, especially if you’re replacing out of date windows in an older home. Many windows today are at a Low E standard, and replacing an old window will almost always save you money which makes this a great alternative for replacement window options in Denver.

Energy Efficiency

Purchasing windows for your home that are energy efficient is often one of the best investments you can make. Many times, these windows will cost you a little more to buy and install, but the savings over time will pay for the higher price.  Quality windows will insulate your home to save you money on heating and cooling the house throughout the year, and the more popular these windows become, the cheaper they also become.  This is one of our most popular replacement window options for Denver.  We provide many selections for energy efficient windows, and any of our experts would be happy to walk you through your choices.

Sun Clean Self Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass may be your next dream-come-true addition to your home.  No matter how beautiful your windows are, and no matter how much you love them, no one loves to clean them.  Windows with a Sun Clean coating use UV rays from the sun, along with water, to spread water across the surface of the window, loosening dirt, and leaving you with a virtually spotless piece of glass.

Window Frame Colors

Depending on which material you use for your replacement window options in Denver, the color options are vast. When it comes to vinyl window frames, you can choose from around ten colors.  Wood windows are also a popular choice, and they can be stained to incorporate a variety of colors as well.  No matter what type of look you would like for your replacement windows, Scottish Home Improvements will show you the many options that fit your style, and your Denver home.

Interior Window Grids

Adding grids to your window can give you the ability to design another aspect of your home to your liking. You can have grids installed between the panes of your windows, which makes for easy cleaning, or you can have them installed on the outside of the glass.  When grids are installed outside of the glass, they are often able to snap in and out. Whichever kind of grid you like, it is sure to add a flair of personal style to your home.

Cut Glass

Adding a cut glass window to your home gives you endless options and customization possibilities.  Replacing a normal window with a cut glass piece is like installing a work of art into your home; it will be more than just a regular window.  Our sister company Scottish Stained Glass can help you create the perfect custom window replacement for your home.

No matter what you need for your replacement windows, we can provide you with many replacement window options for your Denver residence.  Contact us today to set up an in home consultation with one of our experts!