Sun Clean Self Cleaning Glass

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Sun Clean Self-Cleaning Glass for Your Windows

One of the major decisions you’ll have to make about your replacement windows is what type of glass you want.  The glass you choose for your windows decides the replacement window benefits that are most important to you.  Sun Clean Self-Cleaning glass is an excellent choice for any window, especially those windows that are in a difficult location for cleaning.

Sun Clean Self-Cleaning Glass Does the Work for you

Sun Clean glass has a durable, clear coating that actually works to prevent your windows from getting dirty.  This coating has two main properties; one that works to eliminate dirt, and one that works to eliminate water spots and streaking.

This coating actually uses UV rays to help break down natural dirt that can develop on your windows.  While it won’t be able remove 100 percent of the dirt, it does loosen and remove much of any visible dirt on your windows, making them look great even if you don’t always have time to clean them very often.

The other helpful aspect of this type of glass is that it actually works to keep water from beading, which is what usually causes water spots and streaking.  With Sun Clean windows, however, instead of beading, water on the surface will sheet smoothly under it dries, leaving a smooth, clean window without frequent cleanings.

Sun Clean Glass Fits With Your Perfect Windows

Sun Clean Self-Cleaning Glass is available with most window manufacturers, which means you can have this great glass with any type of window that works best for you.  Whether you prefer wood, fiberglass, or vinyl windows for your replacement project, you can also invest in the glass that will truly lower your maintenance.

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