Window Frame Colors

Scottish Stained Glass Window Frame Colors Denver

How to Choose the Right Window Frame Colors

The look of your home can be greatly affected by the window frame colors you choose for your replacement windows.  As a homeowner, you want your investment to look fantastic with your home inside and out.

At Scottish Home Improvements, with our many choices for window styles and materials come even more choices for window frame colors.  We want to make sure that you love your windows, and our experts will help you make key decisions to bring your project together exactly how you hoped it would.

Window Frame Color Options

The finish for your windows can come in many different styles.  Whether you’re looking for a wood grain finish, or the perfect colors to match the exterior of your home, you can get the look that fits your unique home best.

There are numerous beautiful choices for the interior sides of your window frames.  If you choose real wood windows, you can choose from an array of stain colors to match your décor and personal style.  Vinyl windows can also be made to look like wood on the inside, with multiple finish options for that as well.  In terms of colors, white and beige are standards for interiors.  However, if your home calls for something more unique, in some cases you can have your windows primed for a custom color.

The exterior window frame color selection is much larger.  Many window manufacturers offer a wide array of exterior colors to better match the vast home colors that are out there.  Many homeowners choose an exterior color that matches the trim of their siding, for example.  As with interiors, in some cases you can also have the outer side of your windows primed for custom color.

Finding the Right Window Frame Colors with Scottish Home Improvements

Scottish Home Improvements offers high quality windows for homeowners all across Colorado.  Our experts will help you through the process of deciding the perfect windows for home, as well as your ideal window frame colors.  Give us a call or send an email to set up a consultation for your replacement windows today.