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Choosing a company for siding in Denver to replace the existing siding on your home is an important decision that comes with many options.  Scottish Home Improvements can guide you through all the options as you are making choices.  Call us today to answer your questions or schedule a free in home consultation.

Scottish Home Improvement Denver Siding Choices:

James Hardie

James Hardie fiber cement siding materials are perfect for most Denver siding solutions, forming a durable, long lasting, and low maintenance shell around your home that can go decades without needing to be painted.  Fireproof and insect resistant, James Hardie is the ideal choice for Colorado’s environment.  Whether you are looking to revamp Victorian home in central Denver or upgrade the exterior of your mountain home, consider James Hardie siding and all the benefits it brings.

Fiber Cement Siding Denver

While James Hardie is the most trusted fiber cement siding company in the market today, certain companies have difference color and texture options that make them the appropriate option.  but especially in the mountains of Colorado, siding options such as fiber cement by James Hardie can mimic the look and feel of natural wood, making them a great alternative for those homes that are built in fire danger areas.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding offers an inexpensive alternative to fiber cement siding while still providing home owners with a durable, long lasting shell around their house.  Vinyl comes in numerous colors and styles and can be painted if desired.  Vinyl products such as Prodigy include extra installation which helps insulate your home from Colorado’s cold winters.

Steel Siding

Many homeowners in Denver wanting siding  are not familiar with steel as another alternative. Steel siding provides an alternative to vinyl and fiber cement siding in certain communities across Colorado.  Steel siding offers a low maintenance, inexpensive solution, but does sometimes get dented with Denver’s notorious hail storms.

Wood/Cedar Siding

While the use of cedar and other wood siding in Denver has diminished greatly over the past few decades, it is making a comeback as an appropriate choice for siding in Colorado, especially in the mountain communities.  Prized for its beauty, wood siding is a durable, long lasting siding solution, but it does require significant ongoing maintenance.

Stucco Siding

Whether you are interested in pursuing a stucco siding look using James Hardie Stucco Panels or you want to use traditional stucco materials, Scottish Home Improvements is a company you can trust for your Denver or Colorado stucco siding project.


Scottish Home Improvements is only James Hardie Preferred Remodeler with significant multifamily siding experience.  Having completed dozens of projects for HOA’s, condo communities, hotels, and apartments across Colorado, siding by James Hardie is definitely one of our specialties.We have the experience and manpower to bid and complete any project for multi family siding in Denver.

Commercial Siding

Scottish Home Improvements provides commercial siding services to a number of general contractors both in the Denver Metro area and across Colorado.  We often install James Hardie fiber cement panels on commercial buildings, but we can also work with any siding materials you might want, including steel, vinyl, stucco, and even wood where appropriate.

Scottish Exterior Siding Designer

Scottish Home Improvements sets itself apart from many of our Denver siding competitors by creating visualizations of what your Denver home might look like with various siding styles, siding colors, and application options.  Because we understand how much of an investment residing your home can be, we strive to make sure that you can see a visualization of exactly what your Colorado home will look like before the project begins.  Providing this piece of mind and enabling you to make more informed choices, our exterior siding designer are just one of the many advantages you will experience when working with Scottish Home Improvements.

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