James Hardie® Siding for Your Denver Home

Scottish Home Improvements is proud to be the elite preferred James Hardie siding Denver contractor. We’re proud to partner with the recognized leader in fiber cement siding and sustainability. This incredible siding product is perfect for both residential and commercial settings in the Denver area. 

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James Hardie® Siding Engineered for Denver’s Unique Climate

James Hardie® has created the HardieZone® in order to provide specially engineered siding products that deliver the specific climate requirements of different regions. With an uniquely engineered fiber cement product for Colorado, Denver property owners can rest assured knowing their investment was built to endure the harsh, rapid weather extremes we experience here.


Transform Your Denver Home’s Curb Appeal with James Hardie®

James Hardie® delivers both high functionality and optimal aesthetics, offering the best of both worlds. Increase your home equity by elevating curb appeal with James Hardie siding Denver. James Hardie® provides bold, stunning colors that work well in any Denver neighborhood. Available in a multitude of designs and styles, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with the new look of your home. Whether you’re looking for a rustic barn house look for your two-story new construction in Stapleton or seeking a contemporary, clean beige theme for your bungalow in Washington Park, James Hardie® has the perfect aesthetic for you. 

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The Sustainable Option for Denver Property Owners

James Hardie® offers Denver property owners a sustainable solution for one of the largest renovation projects any building owner may face. Their strict adherence to LEEDs guidelines ensures the most sustainable product available in today’s market. Learn more about James Hardie’s devotion to going green.

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Enjoy Low Maintenance Siding with James Hardie®

James Hardie® fiber cement siding offers the additional benefit of low maintenance. With regularly upkeep, you can prolong your siding product life without having to maintain the same amount of maintenance as you would with wood or vinyl siding. Denver homeowners who prefer a low maintenance option can enjoy James Hardie® siding for years to come.  


James Hardie® Installation and Warranty for Your Denver Home or Business

We’ve completed hundreds of James Hardie® installations in the Denver area, ensuring happy home and business owners. We’ve streamlined the installation process from our 15 years of siding experience and knowledge. As James Hardie siding Denver contractors, we guarantee that with our proper installation, your costly siding investment will be covered by the manufacturer warranty as well as our Scottish limited workmanship five year warranty.     

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James Hardie Siding For Historic Colorado Homes

When it comes to residing a historic Colorado home, homeowners often want to keep the exterior looking as authentic as possible.   This not only gives a nostalgic appearance to the house but also can help it hold its value.   The effectiveness of a siding to protect a vintage home is also critical since the underlying structure of the home needs as much protection from the elements as possible.  Situations like this are where James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding really shines.  James Hardie Fiber Cement comes in a variety of styles that blend well with historic homes but also has an amazing vintage color selection.  Colors like Sail Cloth, Iron Gray and Aged Pewter, all give your Colorado historical home a decidedly vintage feel without lacking a modern quality to help it blend into the 21st century.

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James Hardie Fiber Cement Holds Up to Colorado Weather

In Colorado, homeowners really need to take into consideration the sometimes extreme weather patterns we get here.  It changes frequently and fast here from hot to cold and wet to dry in the blink of any eye.  Below are some of the toughest weather challenges Colorado presents to home siding and how James Hardie Fiber Cement stands up against them.

James Hardie Siding To Protect Denver Homes Against Hail and Snow: Hail and blizzards in Colorado hit hard and fast.  When they do, they often cause extensive damage to Colorado homes.  James Hardie Fiber Cement siding resists the impact of hail and/or windblown debris more than other siding types.  It also won’t lose its form and warp when the weather shifts from hot to cold at the drop of hat.  

James Hardie Siding To Prevent Fading From Intense UV Rays On Denver Homes: James Hardie siding is primed and baked-on which the colors are so durable.  The proprietary ColorPlus® Technology method James Hardie uses was created to stand up to the biggest issue Colorado home siding faces–staying colorfast under the punishing UV rays at a mile high.


James Hardie Siding Colors – The Perfect Match for Every Denver Home

There’s an artistry involved with creating the perfect home exterior. Siding colors can look beautiful on their own, but their radiance is amplified when paired with trim and accent hues that align with their aesthetic. That’s where working with an experienced siding professional can pay off.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we operate with a team of talented designers who are experts in working with James Hardie siding colors. Our designers have an eye for beauty and are detail-oriented so that no small feature goes overlooked. Creating a cohesive, eye-catching look for your home is our priority and we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with the results.


During your design consultation, we’ll help you peruse your options as we review and discuss various color schemes available with the James Hardie palette. From stunning pairings like Iron Gray and Arctic White to versatile looks like Sailcloth with Sandstone Beige trim, we can create beautiful combinations with warm colors, cool colors, earth tones, or neutrals depending on your personal preference. Then, we’ll help you narrow down the selection so that you can make your final pick.


Designing Your Exterior with James Hardie: Tools & Resources

One of the benefits of choosing James Hardie siding for your Denver home is that you’ll get access to a number of tools and resources for planning your project. James Hardie has a number of resources on their website that are designed to help homeowners with the aesthetic aspect on their siding renovations. This includes their virtual visualization tool, downloadable brochures, and blog articles that discuss design tips and advice.

James Hardie Inspiration Guide

This is one of the best places to start if you’re looking for some quick inspiration for your project. James Hardie’s Inspiration Guide is designed to help homeowners navigate the world of exterior home design and discusses the different textures, styles, and colors available. It also highlights different looks and color combinations with photographs of various homes that have been renovated with James Hardie building products.

Download here: JH_Homeowner_Brochure_Inspiration_Guide


James Hardie Home Color Tool

James Hardie’s Home Color Tool offers a modern way to design your home exterior with the aid of virtual visualization. First, you’ll be asked to enter your neighborhood’s zip code. Then you’ll be promoted to choose a main siding color and a home architectural style. Next, you’ll be given the ability to explore various accent colors. Once you’re finished, you can save the final rendering and even email it to your designer.

Resources from Scottish Home Improvements

At Scottish Home Improvements, we also offer a number of resources for our customers as well including educational resources and design tools. When you work with us, you’ll get access to our exclusive portfolio which showcases a number of past projects that we’ve completed in the last few years. With the combination of these resources, you’ll have an abundance of information available at your fingertips as well as numerous ideas to invoke inspiration.

james hardie siding color schemes denver

Beautiful James Hardie Siding Color Schemes for Denver Homes

You know what styles and looks you like, but sometimes it’s hard to put those ideas into words. That’s where visuals can help. Browsing photographs of other homes in various James Hardie color schemes is a great place to start when designing your exterior. We recommend taking a look at the photos in our Siding Inspiration Gallery as well as the videos showcased in our online portfolio. Once you’ve looked over these resources, you can start exploring different color combinations.

The key to creating a beautiful home exterior is choosing colors that compliment one another. Colors that are bright and bold are difficult to pair together and will often clash with each other. So while you may like two colors, it might be better to decide on the one you like most and find a trim color that matches it rather than trying to combine the two together. Creating contrast is a great way to make your home standout, but you want the colors to harmonize rather than work against each other.

For more information on siding colors, check out James Hardie’s product catalog for Denver: James-Hardie-Product-Catalog-Denver


James Hardie Neutral Color Schemes

Neutrals are often a favorite for individuals who prefer traditional looks as well as clean, classic styles. They’re also a great choice for historic homes because unlike bolder colors, they don’t detract from the unique trim and architectural features that are common in vintage exteriors. Neutrals are inviting and versatile. They can be paired with virtually any style of patio front and will also look beautiful with various types of landscaping. For example, with a neutral palette, you don’t have to worry about the color of the flowers in your garden clashing with your exterior. They also invite a wonderful opportunity to play with contrast and experiment with different colors for your front door, shutters, and trim.

When you work with us, we’ll help you find the perfect neutral color palette from James Hardie for your Denver home. Whether you’re remodeling a home in the Sloan’s Lake area of West Denver or a Victorian property in Capitol Hill, we’re confident that we can craft the perfect look for your home!


James Hardie Cool Color Palettes

Cool siding colors are soothing and relaxing. They remind us of the ocean, the blue sky, tranquil creeks and rivers, and the rocks belonging to beautiful mountain landscapes. Cool colors also carry more impact in terms of style since they are more rare than other options like beige, white, and tan. James Hardie offers a number of cool colors that can be combined to create an enchanting look for virtually any home, from Boothbay Blue to Light Mist, Pearl Gray, and more. Often, these bold colors are paired with a more subtle trim color such as Cobble Stone or Navajo Beige, but Arctic White is also a popular choice due to the intense contrast created by combining the two.

At Scottish Home Improvements, cool colors are some of our favorite shades to work with since they often result in a dramatic transformation. Once we sit down with you for a consultation, we’ll show you a variety of color schemes from James Hardie that incorporate cool colors in an elegant, appealing way.


James Hardie Earth Tone Color Schemes

Earth tone color schemes from James Hardie are a popular choice in Denver because of the abundance of natural lovers that live in the city. Earth tones draw us inward with their mysterious beauty, bringing out our desire to explore and adventure to the natural areas of the world. When we look upon them, we are immediately reminded of the lushness of the forest and its mossy landscape, the crisp scent of pine needles, and sprawling, sunny meadows dotted with wildflowers and butterflies. For those who call Colorado home, earth tone siding is as natural of a choice as the Rocky Mountains themselves.

Choosing James Hardie siding for your Denver home gives you access to a variety of earth tones for your exterior color palette, from sophisticated shades of green to rich, homey browns. Some of the most popular choices include Timber Bark, Mountain Sage, and Heathered Moss, to name a few. We’ll work with you to find the right combination of earth tone colors to bring out the best in your home.


James Hardie Warm Color Palettes

Warm colors have the most character and charming and welcoming. They remind us of long drives through the countryside, apple-picking on warm autumn days, and spicy aromas like cinnamon and clove. Since most homeowners tend to opt for neutrals and other more subtle options, warm colors also stand out, instantly drawing our attention from the rest of the homes on the block. Their irresistible beauty has made them a popular choice in Denver for decades, especially in areas like Lakewood, Washington Park, Five Points, and Park Hill.

James Hardie offers a number of warm color options for homeowners who are looking to add style and visual interest to their property. Classic choices include Countryland Red, Khaki Brown, and Woodstock Brown, in addition to others. If you are interested in warm colors for your Denver home, our designers will be thrilled to show you different color schemes so that you can find the perfect fit.


HardiePanel: James Hardie Vertical Siding for Denver Homes

Few siding options exhibit the dignified look and beauty of James Hardie vertical siding. A stunning option for homes of all types in Denver, HardiePanel is a unique and elegant choice that can be used on its own or in combination with other siding materials. Vertical lines emphasize height while adding depth and texture to home exteriors, creating an overall gorgeous look. Choose from various styles including Select Cedarmill, Smooth, Stucco, and Sierra 8.


HardiePanel in Select Cedarmill

Create a natural look for your home with a siding option that looks like real cedar panels. HardiePanel in Select Cedarmill exhibits an extraordinary texture and real wood grain finish.

HardiePanel in Smooth

For a clean, polished look, opt for HardiePanel in a Smooth finish. This combination creates a sleek, modern look that’s perfect for making a statement.

HardiePanel in Stucco

Stucco has always been praised for its glorious texture, and rightfully so – it’s a truly marvelous option. HardiePanel in Stucco mimics the look of traditional southwest stucco, but is stronger since it’s made with fiber cement.

HardiePanel in Sierra 8

Sierra 8 is defined by its subtle texture. Opting for HardiePanel in Sierra 8 will give your home dimension without making it look too flashy or over-the-top.


HardiePlank: James Hardie Lap Siding for Denver Homes

You can’t go wrong with a classic option like James Hardie lap siding for your Denver home. HardiePlank siding is a popular choice for many reasons. Its traditional style and character make it a versatile option, so it can effortlessly be paired with  other exterior features. And the way it wraps around your home gives it the allusion of being larger and more expansive. At Scottish Home Improvements, we are proud to carry this siding option in all of James Hardie’s exclusive styles, including Select Cedarmill, Smooth, Beaded Cedarmill, and Beaded Smooth.


HardiePlank in Select Cedarmill

Give your home a beautiful look that blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Select Cedarmill is the perfect option for nature enthusiasts and homeowners with sophisticated style. A deep texture that looks like real lumber gives this finish a beautiful, natural look.

HardiePlank in Smooth

So smooth, it’s almost criminal. HardiePlank in a Smooth finish is a sure way to give your home instant glamour and an ultra-modern look. It’s clean, edgy, and fabulously stylish.

HardiePlank in Beaded Cedarmill

Nothing surpasses the charming look of HardiePlank in Beaded Cedarmill. A beaded edge adds another level of depth to this highly textured and alluring finish.

HardiePlank in Beaded Smooth

Contemporary is the name of the game with James Hardie’s Beaded Smooth finish. HardiePlank in Beaded Smooth is the perfect addition to new construction homes and architectural styles with a modern appearance.


HardieShingle Siding for Denver Homes

Shingles are an attractive choice for a range of architectural styles. Not only do fiber cement shingles exhibit a unique appearance, but they are also known for their durable, weather-proof nature. This has made them an ideal choice for coastal homes for years, a trend which has now made its way through the rest of the country. In Colorado, shingles are a popular choice for countryside estates and urban neighborhoods alike.

When you choose James Hardie for your shingle siding renovation, you get access to classic styles as well as a number of more modern, updated options. This gives you the ability to curate a look that suits your personal taste and preferences and boosts your home’s curb appeal. Scottish Home Improvements will install HardieShingle for your Denver home in any James Hardie finish you desire, including Straight Edge Panel, Staggered Edge Panel, Individual Shingles 7″, and Half-Rounds.


HardieShingle in Straight Edge Panel

Give your home an upscale look with HardieShingle in Straight Edge Panel. This unique finish gives off a contemporary vibe while alluding to a timeless style.

HardieShingle in Staggered Edge Panel

Mix up your look with HardieShingle in Staggered Edge Panel. Staggered edges create an offset look that adds personality and texture. Use this option on its own or in combination with HardiePlank or HardiePanel for a super stylish look!

HardieShingle in Individual Shingles 7″

Opt for individual shingles in various configurations and sizes to create a custom look. Use it all-over or draw attention to a certain feature of your home by using this option as an accent.

HardieShingle in Half-Rounds

Half rounds are perfect for Cape Cod looks and Victorian homes alike! HardieShingle in half rounds will give your home a look that makes you feel like you’re on vacation in paradise every day!

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