Our Process

Our Process for Excellent Siding

At Scottish Home Improvements we believe that great siding comes for an excellent process from beginning to end.  We’ve been successfully working on residing homes for many years, and our experts have taken the time to find the best way to help our customers feel comfortable every step of the way for this process.

Here is a breakdown of the siding process we have at Scottish Home Improvements:

  • Estimate: Every siding project begins with at home estimate with one of our siding sales experts.  This appointment will give you your initial quote for residing your home, based on the materials and styles that you are interested in.
  • Design Process: We want you to feel completely confident with your siding purchase, which can be difficult by just looking at samples.  We can take pictures of your home and impose different colors and styles with our CAD programs to help you decide exactly what you want your home to look like.
  • Walkthrough: Once you’ve decided to work with Scottish Home Improvements for your siding, we’ll do an initial walkthrough to talk about the installation process specifics with your sales representative, your project manager, and the crew that will be working on your home.  This ensures that we are all on the same page before we begin installing.
  • Installation: At Scottish Home Improvements we work with the best, most experienced installation crews.  Your siding is only as good as the installation, and we want to ensure that your products will last for years to come.
  • Final Walkthrough: Once our crew has finished installing your new siding, we’ll take one more final walkthrough to ensure that there are no problems, and that your siding looks exactly how you want it to.

Great Siding With Scottish Home Improvements

Our goal is to provide our customers with siding that they will love for many, many years to come.  By providing a solid process that truly works we are able to deliver exceptional final siding products for each client.

If you would like to learn more about our siding process, contact Scottish Home Improvements today.  We can set you up with an in home estimate with one of our experts, and get you started to creating your dream home!


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