Vinyl Siding Benefits in Denver

Vinyl Siding Benefits Denver

Vinyl Siding Benefits for Denver and Colorado Homes

If you are considering adding new siding or replacing your old siding, you probably already know there are various different kinds. If you are wondering about vinyl siding benefits for Denver homes, here are some of the main ones.


As an exterior cladding, vinyl is often less expensive than other similar products. The average cost of vinyl siding is approximately $1.60 per square foot. In comparison, wood siding is typically more than twice this cost. In addition, you will most likely save even greater amounts with reduced installation and maintenance expenses.

Color Choices

Vinyl can be pre-fabricated in a wide variety of colors. Not only will this provide an attractive look for your home’s exterior, but will save additional painting expenses that you would incur with wood siding. With better technology, the range of vinyl siding color choices has dramatically increased over the years. For homes in dry climates, this vinyl siding benefit for Denver takes on new meaning, as the lack of humidity will quickly dry out wood and the ever present sun will fade the paint.

Easy Installation

Vinyl panels are made in a standardized size and shape, making it easy to install on your own. In addition, there are many skilled professionals that have experience in installation, guaranteeing that you will receive the best use out of your siding. Vinyl siding contractors are able to efficiently and correctly install the siding due to their familiarity with the product.

Better Home Protection

Another of the vinyl siding benefits that is important in Denver is that it creates a weatherproof barrier for the exterior of your home. Vinyl siding can prevent damage from wind, water, and ice. It does not retain moisture like wood-paneled siding, helping to avoid the effects of mildew and rot.

Less Maintenance

One of the most attractive benefits of vinyl siding is the reduction in maintenance time and expenses. Vinyl does not require on-going painting, finishing, and securing projects. If a single panel is damaged, it can easily be removed and replaced. With a little soap and water, you can wash off the dirt and dust that may accumulate on your home’s exterior on a periodic basis.

Greater Durability

Vinyl is second only to stone and brick siding in terms of durability. It is designed to last your lifetime and longer. With increases in technology, vinyl panels will now hold their color longer and be more resistant to damage. Many Denver vinyl siding manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties on their products — and that is a benefit indeed.

Increased Home Value

As vinyl continues to improve, it is becoming increasingly popular as a choice for home’s exteriors. Over 30% of the new homes in the U.S. now choose this type of material. The vinyl siding benefits in Denver are clear for home use. Using this product as your choice in siding will speak to the longevity and durability of your home’s exterior, increasing its resale value. To learn more about increasing your homes value with vinyl siding, give us a call today.