Vinyl Siding Maintenance

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Vinyl Siding Maintenance Tips

Whether you already have vinyl siding  or are considering having it installed, you might be wondering about how to take care of it. Any kind of siding is a major investment, so knowing how to keep your siding looking as new and beautiful as the day it was installed is important.

Fortunately, vinyl siding is made to be durable and long lasting, so not much maintenance is required.

Here are some of the major vinyl siding maintenance concerns:

How can I protect vinyl siding from discoloration?

Cover vinyl siding when using stains, sealants, and wet concrete as part of other home renovation projects. Certain insecticides or herbicides can potentially stain vinyl siding as well. Consult the product labels and/or the insecticide or herbicide manufacturer before applying.

How does heat affect vinyl siding maintenance?

Vinyl siding is made from organic materials and can melt when exposed to a significant heat source. Vinyl is a combustible material, but it will not readily ignite unless directly exposed to flames from an existing fire. Home owners and commercial building owners with all types of siding should always take precautions to keep heat sources such as barbeque grills or electric heaters a reasonable distance away. The same goes for readily ignitable materials such as dry leaves, mulch, and trash.

How does heat from reflected light affect vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is fairly durable, but there is one odd liability associated with it that you should know about. Abnormally concentrated sunlight reflected off of nearby windows can result in surface temperatures far exceeding those caused by direct exposure to the sun. It’s almost as if the reflected sunlight bouncing off a window creates a “laser beam” effect. Temperatures necessary to cause significant distortion of vinyl siding are not routinely achieved, even when siding is exposed to both direct sunlight and the reflection from normal, flat window glass.

However, under some conditions the glass in energy efficient windows can become concave, forming a mirror that concentrates sunlight in a small area. Temperatures in this area can be greater than many building materials, including vinyl siding, are designed to withstand.The best way to avoid or reduce this problem depends on the specific circumstances.

Anything that blocks the path of sunlight, either to the window or between the window and the siding, will eliminate or reduce the problem. In cases like this, vinyl siding maintenance would include strategies such as the strategic placement of trees, bushes or other landscaping elements and the use of sunshades above windows. Screening applied to the type of energy efficient windows we are describing may reduce the total amount of reflected energy sufficiently to avoid the problem.

Can I paint vinyl siding?

If you believe your vinyl siding requires maintenance in the form of a fresh coat of paint, beware! Always consult with your vinyl siding manufacturer before painting vinyl siding. Many manufacturers void their warranties if the siding is painted.

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