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Engineered Wood Siding for Your Loveland Home or Business

Smart engineering, steadfast durability, and timeless beauty – these are the qualities that make engineered wood siding an irresistible choice for Loveland homes and businesses. Engineered wood siding combines the best of both worlds by providing property owners with a siding option that performs just as beautifully as it looks.

With engineered wood siding, the design options are virtually limitless. Varying board lengths, widths, and textures allow you to experience total freedom when crafting your exterior and create a look that makes you fall in love with your home time and time again. From traditional lap siding to stylish cedar shakes and shingles, there’s an engineered wood siding option for everyone.


Trust Scottish for Engineered Wood Siding in Loveland, Colorado

Scottish Home Improvements is the largest siding contractor in the Loveland area specializing in the installation of  engineered wood siding. Dependable and highly alluring in appearance, engineered wood siding offers Loveland property owners the perfect compromise when it comes to selecting a wood siding alternative.

Prominent grooves and a wood strand-like texture make this siding easy to mistake for authentic cedar, while a zinc-resin overlay provides protection against adverse climate conditions such as rain, sleet, and snow. Highly naturalistic in appearance, this siding is an excellent choice for Loveland’s location among the rural landscape of the rugged Front Range, and provides all styles of buildings with exceptional beauty.


Why Choose Engineered Wood Siding for Loveland Properties

When it comes to choosing a siding material for your Loveland property, engineered wood siding is a choice that makes sense. The trusted wood-alternative by homeowners and building professionals alike, engineered wood siding provides reliable results and long-lasting beauty. Treated with proprietary protectants, engineered wood siding offers unparalleled protection for Loveland homes and has a remarkable ability to withstand extreme temperatures, weather, and other detrimental forces, allowing you to experience the most from your residing investment.


Engineered Wood Siding Benefits 

Superior aesthetics, unparalleled durability, and advantages like energy efficiency and workability have made engineered wood siding the preferred choice for homeowners all across Colorado. With engineered wood siding for your Loveland home, business, or property, you can enjoy:

Premium design options – Available in timeless looks and stylish textures, engineered wood siding unlocks limitless design options for your home’s exterior. Choose from varying board lengths, widths, and styles to get the look of your dreams.

Damage resistance – Engineered wood siding’s steadfast engineering allows it to withstand even the most extreme conditions. This smart, durable siding is impervious to even the most serious of threats, and is resistant to water damage, rot, UV radiation, weather, and pests.

Attractive pricing – Engineered wood siding allows you to get the upscale look of authentic wood siding without the high price tag. More affordable than cedar and fiber cement, this siding material allows you to get the look you love and still stay within your budget.

Engineered Wood Siding’s Trusted Siding Contractor for Loveland Properties 

When it comes to choosing a siding contractor in Loveland, there’s no better choice than Scottish Home Improvements. Scottish Home Improvements is by far the most experienced and widely recognized home improvement company serving North and Central Colorado. Our team are experts when it comes to installing engineered wood siding for Loveland properties. Call our office today to get a quote for your project.

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