James Hardie Siding Colors

Take a few moments to browse our color gallery and see examples of all the color options.


Country Lane Red

Warm and inviting, Countrylane Red invokes the imagery of America’s beautiful rural landscape with its wide open prairies and rolling hills. The shade offers both comfort and character and can create a charming look for cottages and farmhouse style homes.

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Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown rests somewhere between brown and copper and is a rich, earthy color that provides neutrality while also offering beauty and warmth. Add this color to your home to create an alluring rustic ambiance and visual appeal.


Mountain Sage

Mountain Sage is a warm forest green that’s perfect for mountain homes, cabins, and rural properties. This color complements neutral shades and earthtones beautifully and can create a striking contrast when paired with brick or cedar.


Woodstock Brown

Much like the bark of a pine tree or mountain trail, Woodstock Brown is neither too light nor too dark and offers all the richness and warmth that brown provides. If you enjoy a more natural, simple look, Woodstock Brown could be the color for you.


Iron Grey

Iron Grey mimics the romantic look and feel of European architecture and is an elegant choice for adding color and style to your home. If you enjoy bolder colors and are looking for a more dramatic look, then you’ll absolutely love this shade.


Evening Blue

Imagine a cool, calm night where the stars are bright enough to light up the sky and reveal its beautiful deep blue color. That is the feeling and look of Evening Blue. Evening Blue is striking and elegant and is a stunning choice for nearly any style of architecture.


Boothbay Blue

A soft blue grey blue, Boothbay Blue offers all the serenity and beauty of ocean waters and lakes and creates a peaceful, homey feeling. Pair this shade with Arctic White trim to create a striking contrast and alluring appearance.


Heathered Moss

Heathered Moss brings the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors right to your very own home. This soft yellow green shade is perfect for pairing with a darker green or neutral color to create a woodsy, rustic look.


Sandstone Beige

Sandstone Beige is a classic choice that’s perfect for any type or style of architecture. This warm tan color looks both sophisticated and elegant and can create a refined, dignified look for the exterior of your home.


Sail Cloth

Not quite white and not quite beige Sail Cloth offers the perfect compromise between the two. This creamy, off-white shade is perfect for adding just a hint of color to your exterior and creating a relaxed, cozy look.


Timber Bark

Timber Bark is a brown grey color that adds depth, character, and elegance to any home. It pairs beautifully with tan and white accents and can create a smart, distinctive look for your home.

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Monterey Taupe

Monterey Taupe offers the beauty and versatility of traditional taupe with a modern twist of alluring dark undertones. This shade can be used to accent lighter colors or combined with white trim for a more dramatic look.

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Cobble Stone

A sophisticated, stylish neutral, Cobble Stone is a choice that adds class and character to any home. This warm taupe based hue mimics the appearance of light stone and looks beautiful when accented with darker, bolder colors.


Khaki Brown

Khaki Brown is a rich, creamy brown color that offers both beauty and versatility. Just like a trusty pair of khaki pants, this shade pairs well with any trim or accent color.


Autumn Tan

Just like the season, Autumn Tan is a color that’s not too warm and not too cool and invokes imagery of coppery fields and crisp autumn leaves. When paired with stone or dark grey accents and white trim, this shade looks especially stylish and beautiful.


Navajo Beige

Navajo Beige is a warm, sandy color that provides a classic, timeless look. Versatile and elegant, this neutral shade pairs well with almost any accent color or trim as well as red brick and stonework.


Arctic White

The purest of whites, Arctic White is a shade that offers a clean, elegant look and is beautiful as both a siding color and accent. Pair this shade with dark, bold colors to create striking contrast and a fresh, inviting look.

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