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The primary benefit of steel siding is its durability. While it can sometimes be dented with great effort, it is otherwise almost indestructible. While vinyl siding can often be damaged by hail and wood siding can have problems with insects, steel siding has neither of these problems. It is also waterproof and fire resistant. Additionally, maintenance is relatively simple with steel siding. It doesn’t rust, chip, rot or flake. Generally, it only requires an occasional washing with a hose.

Steel siding in Denver is available in a broad range of colors, styles, and textures. Seamless steel siding was a significant innovation in the siding market that enabled steel to more directly compete with your other choices. Seamless steel siding is designed and contoured to the exact dimensions of each individual home, as it is measured, cut, and shaped on the actual construction site, and then literally wrapped around a home. Our team will help you make key decisions on colors and styles for all your siding projects in Denver.

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Why We Use Alside® Steel Siding

Alside® has been manufacturing quality home materials and siding for over fifty years. Their steel siding is architecturally pleasing as well as highly durable, making it perfect for Colorado’s variant weather and high altitude. Alside® steel siding products are designed to resemble a wood grain finish and allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty of natural wood without the upkeep and maintenance. The rich texture and eye-catching glossy finish of Alside® steel siding have allowed homeowners all across the country to make their dream of owning a beautiful home come true.

Alside® Satinwood® Variegated Steel Siding Brochure
Alside® Satinwood® Steel Siding Brochure
Alside® Satinwood® Seamless Steel Coil Siding
Alside® Satinwood® Select Steel Siding

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Alside® Steel Siding Benefits

When you partner with Scottish for your home improvement project, you’ll have access Alside®’s complete line of steel siding products and can choose from beautiful styles, colors, and a variety of finishes to create the home of your dreams. Installing Alside® Steel Siding for your Denver home can have many benefits including:

  • Fire, weather, hail, moisture, and termite resistance
  • Heavy-duty construction that conceals imperfections in your home’s exterior
  • Low maintenance with no painting or caulking required
  • Fade-resistant colors that stay vibrant for years
  • A wide range of aesthetically pleasing colors and styles to choose from
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Steel Siding Options for Your Denver Commercial and Residential Property

Scottish Home Improvements is honored to work with all the high-performing steel siding manufacturers in order to provide home and business owners with the best siding solutions available in today’s market. Find exactly what you need for your Denver property.

  • ABC Seamless® Steel Siding: With custom cut steel siding manufactured specifically for each intended property, ABC Seamless® steel siding has offers no seams. With numerous aesthetic options, homeowners can achieve that gorgeous custom look matched with great durability.

ABC Seamless® Steel Siding Duck-Matte Color Collection
ABC Seamless® Steel Siding Flyer
ABC Seamless® Steel Siding Brochure

  • EDCO Steel Siding: With a natural, elegant aesthetic, EDCO steel siding offers endless design opportunities for homes and businesses throughout Willow Creek.

EDCO Steel Siding Installation Guide
EDCO Steel Siding Brochure
EDCO Steel Siding Product Guide

  • Rollex Steel Siding: This 100% recyclable siding solution offers sustainability and durability. Rollex steel siding mimics the look of authentic wood grain, offering homeowners an opportunity to transform their curb appeal.

Rollex Steel Siding Product Guide
Rollex Steel Siding Product Specifications
Rollex Navigator Steel Siding Specifications

  • Bridger Steel Metal Siding: Bridger Steel has one of the more comprehensive metal siding collections available. From modern, industrial metal siding to metal siding that captures the rustic charm, both residential and commercial property owners can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Bridger Steel Metal Siding Brochure

  • TruCedar Steel Siding: This premium steel siding option delivers better energy efficiency. With numerous styles that mimic the appearance of cedar, this steel siding option is beautiful for homes and businesses.

TruCedar Steel Siding Installation Guide
TruCedar Steel Siding Brochure
TruCedar Steel Siding Product Guide

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More Steel Siding Brands for Denver Properties

  • Quality Edge® TruCedar® Steel Siding: Quality Edge offers a premium steel siding option that delivers great energy efficiency alongside high durability. With gorgeous, various aesthetics, homeowners throughout Loveland and Aspen can all take advantage of this solution.

Quality Edge® TruCedar® Steel Siding Installation Guide
Quality Edge® TruCedar® Steel Siding Products
Quality Edge® TruCedar® Steel Siding Brochure

  • Ply Gem® Steel Siding: Ply Gem offers a great steel siding collection that would be a great addition for homes and businesses throughout Aurora and Lakewood.

Ply Gem® Steel Siding Collection Brochure
Ply Gem® Steel Siding and Accessories
Ply Gem® Steel Siding Catalog

  • Klauer Steel Siding: Designed for residential properties, Klauer steel siding offers Castle Pines homeowners great endurance for our weather extremes as well as some wonderful color options.

Klauer Steel Siding Ceranamel Paint System
Klauer Steel Siding Brochure
Klauer Steel Siding Warranty

  • Gentek Steel Siding: These high-performance steel siding systems are perfect for improving the curb appeal of your home. Their comprehensive selection offers incredible styling and impact-resistance.

Gentek Steel Siding Installation Manual
Gentek Steel Siding Product Directory
Steeltek Supreme Steel Siding Product Brochure

  • Reinke Shakes Metal Shingle Siding: Reinke specializes in steel shingles that provide incredible weather resistance for premium protection against Denver’s elements.

Reinke Shakes Steel Shingles Installation Instructions
Reinke Shakes Steel Shingles Instructions
Reinke Shakes Steel Shingle Cutting

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Steel Siding for Denver Commercial Properties

Steel siding has always been a popular choice for commercial properties across the Front Range. With virtually no maintenance and high durability, business owners can rest assured knowing their property is defended at all times. Steel siding offers numerous aesthetics that range from contemporary metal to rustic, wood grain. Businesses and other commercial properties can choose the appropriate aesthetic while guaranteeing their investment is protected from Colorado’s weather extremes.

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When looking for steel siding in Denver or across Colorado, contact Scottish Home Improvements to learn more about your broad range of choices.  When it comes to steel siding Denver, we have a team made up of the best experts in town.  We are a trusted siding contractor with the expertise to handle projects of any size of complexity. We maintain an A+ ranking with the BBB and have won the BBB Gold Star for customer service 7 consecutive years.  Give us a call today to set up a free on-site consultation, or just get answers on any questions you have for your siding project.