Denver, Colorado Stucco Siding Choices

Traditional stucco siding has always been a popular option here in Denver. For homeowners and business owners pursuing stucco siding, James Hardie® has an excellent alternative for you to consider. Backed with the unparalleled durability of fiber cement, James Hardie® stucco siding panels offer the beauty of traditional stucco with a much easier installation and cost-effective pricing. Both of these options can make a great choice for your home, depending on your design and durability goals. Scottish Home Improvements does not provide traditional stucco siding, but we can install James Hardie® stucco siding panels for siding replacement and repairs.


James Hardie® Stucco Vertical Siding Colors & Textures

Vertical fiber cement siding in stucco produced by James Hardie® are the preferred option for many consumers who are looking for the stucco siding look, but would rather not deal with the maintenance of traditional materials. Stucco siding panels are also very useful for modern homes, providing strong, modern lines, efficient installation, and excellent energy efficiency. It comes in the full spectrum of James Hardie® ColorPlus® Siding. Stucco siding panels can also be used as an alternative to traditional stucco siding techniques. The panels provide long term durability emulating the design styles many stucco consumers like to see. With lower maintenance, better durability, and easier installation, Denver property owners can achieve the beautiful look of stucco with a stronger siding solution.

James Hardie® HardiePanel® Vertical Stucco Siding


Stucco Panel Siding Installation

The installation of James Hardie ® stucco siding panels is much simpler than traditional stucco installation. Instead of the extensive, multi- layered installation, stucco vertical fiber cement siding follows James Hardie’s stringent best practices guidelines. When an installer abides by these guidelines, James Hardie® warranties their product with a 30-year non-prorated, transferable, limited warranty which is significantly longer period than traditional stucco could last. When considering any type of stucco siding, call Scottish Home Improvements for your free in home consultation. We will be happy to come to your home and spend the time to educate you about your siding choices.

James Hardie® Vertical Stucco Siding Installation Best Practices

Other Stucco Siding Alternatives for Your Denver Home

Other premium siding manufacturers also make stucco siding alternatives that could be a great match for your home. Achieve the classic look of tradition stucco siding without costly, troublesome installations and lower maintenance needs made available with different siding materials.

  • Allura Stucco Vertical Panel: These fiber cement architectural siding panels offer a Class A fire rating as well as high endurance against insects, moisture, termites, and other pests. With a great UV resistance, which is highly needed in Colorado, this sustainable stucco alternative is a great choice for homes throughout Hampden South and Westminster.

Allura Fiber Cement Siding Stucco Specification Sheet
Allura Stucco Vertical Panel Siding Brochure
Allura Stucco Vertical Panel Siding Spec Sheet

  • LP® SmartSide® Stucco Look Fiber Panel Siding: LP® SmartSide® offers an authentic stucco look combined with the workability of their treated engineered wood composite siding. Bring in the warmth of traditional stucco siding with a more durable siding solution that’s been treated with the renowned SmartGuard® process.

LP® SmartSide® Stucco Look Trim and Fascia Application
LP® SmartSide® Stucco Look Substrate Panel Siding Application
LP® SmartSide® Stucco Look Fiber Panel Siding Application

  • Nichiha Stucco NichiPanel: Nichiha offers a beautiful stucco alternative that can be utilized for both residential and commercial properties throughout South Broadway and Centennial. This economical siding option is made of durable fiber cement that mimics the appearance of authentic stucco.

Nichiha Stucco NichiPanel Product Evaluation
Nichiha Stucco NichiPanel Article
Nichiha Stucco NichiPanel Brochure


A Stucco Siding Company You Can Trust

Scottish Home Improvements offers a effective alternatives for potential stucco consumers. We’ve partnered with all the leading siding manufacturers in order to provide the best inventory of stucco siding options. Our goal is to help you find the best investment for your home in terms of durability and curb appeal. By working with a company who can give you the whole breadth stucco siding choices, you are ensuring that you receive honest advice about your many options. When you work with Scottish Home Improvements you are also working with a company who has won the BBB gold star for customer service for 7 consecutive years and maintains an BBB A+ rating. Contact Scottish today to schedule a consultation.

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