Milgard Moving Glass Walls Enhance Views & Bring the Outside In

One of the beauties of living in Colorado is being surrounded by a colorful and diverse natural landscape. In fact, the outdoor scenery, which includes babbling brooks, rich clay red cliffs, pine trees, and sprawling meadows, is a main reason why people move to the Centennial State. If you live in an area of Colorado in which the outdoors are easily visible, you’re very fortunate because you get to experience a beauty that most people never witness in their lifetime.

Although natural beauty lies in abundance in Colorado, it is sometimes easy to feel disconnected from nature because the weather can force you to retreat indoors. Harsh sunlight and winter storms may cause you to spend more time in your home than you like and take away from your ability to enjoy the natural scenery surrounding your home. Fortunately, with the right home design, this problem can easily be solved. With a Milgard Moving Glass Wall system, you can enjoy the surrounding views and bring the outdoors into your home.


Just take this home in La Cima at Cresta Bella as example. The home is situated in an area of Texas with beautiful hills and a lush outdoor landscape. So when Sitterle, the home building company, was working on the home design, they wanted to make sure the outdoors were visible from the home. That’s why they opted for a Milgard Moving Glass Wall system and Milgard Montecito Vinyl Windows.

The windows allowed for the home to be filled with an abundance of natural light and created a seamless transition from the outdoors to inside. In addition, the owner of the home will also be able to enjoy the comfort of knowing that their vinyl windows are protected with Milgard’s Lifetime Warranty in case any damage happens to occur in the future.

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